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About Aldorlea GamesEdit

Aldorlea Games is an independent game company founded in 2008 by Indinera Falls.

The company develops 2D RPGs for the PC.

Overview Edit

Aldorlea started out in August 2008 with the commercially successful RPG Laxius Force.

The company has developed a total of 10 games so far, several of which are included in game portals such as Big Fish Games, Yahoo! Games, Iwin, Gamersgate or GameStop.

Besides developing their own titles, Aldorlea Games also distributes other companies' games through its portal.

Released Games Edit

Games Distributed Edit

  • Aveyond - Rhen's Quest
  • Aveyond 2 - Ean's Quest
  • Aveyond 3-1 - Lord of Twilight
  • Aveyond 3-2 - Gates of Night
  • Aveyond 3-3 - The Lost Orb
  • Aveyond 3-4 - The Darkthrop Prophecy
  • Ella's Hope
  • The Witch and The Warrior
  • Dark Souls
  • Dark Souls 2
  • Kara's Quest
  • The New Queen - Truth Be Told
  • Last Heroes
  • Last Heroes 2
  • Last Heroes 3
  • Last Heroes 4
  • Vagrant Hearts
  • Vagrant Hearts 2
  • Jade's Journey
  • Jade's Journey 2
  • Grimoire Chronicles
  • Blood Ties
  • Planet Stronghold
  • Curse of Slate Rock Manor
  • Deadly Sin
  • Deadly Sin 2: Shining Faith
  • Dawn's Light
  • Dawn's Light 2
  • Jack of All Worlds
  • Lilly and Sasha: Curse of the Immortals
  • Lilly and Sasha: Nexus of Souls
  • Hero's Tale
  • Eternal Twilight
  • Eternal Sunrise
  • Infernal Veil I
  • Infernal Veil II
  • Unseen World: Magical Lense
  • Sacred Soul
  • Story of the Sealed Steel
  • Virtue - Espiritus
  • Eternal Eden
  • The A. Typical RPG
  • The Fall of Gods
  • Fated Haven: Chapter One
  • Arvale: Treasure of Memories Episode I
  • Arvale: Treasure of Memories Episode II
  • Arvale: Treasure of Memories Episode III
  • Whisper of a Rose: Gold
  • Vastar
  • Rainblood: Town of Death
  • Arevan - The Bitter Truth

Latest activityEdit

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