Asguaard title

Asguaard Title Screen

Asguaard is a commercial RPG game released in november 2009 by Aldorlea Games. This game is a huge stand-alone game with aproximadetly 500 locations, more than 100 skills and up to 100 hours of gameplay.


Asguaard is the world where its inhabitants are made up of fairies, dwarves and mystical creatures. Mysteriously the Pandora Box was opened, releasing several terrible plagues that will soon devastate the lands and soon destroy the world of Asguaard. In order to prevent the worst, dwarves and fairies started to search for a way to prevent the plagues from attacking, they find that only a being with soul can prevent the plagues from destryoing the lands, and they found that only a human posseses such thing. So the fairies reunites in the highest village of the world to make a summoning in order to bring a human from earth to the magical world of Asguaard. They manage to summon a boy called Glen, with the help of Grom, a dwarf from Roya, he goes through the lands of Asguaard in order to prevent the plagues from attacking.

Characters (Protagonists):

Glen : A young and happy boy. Glen is the game's hero, a little relucant in the beginning to take his role as Asguaard's savior, he quickly decides to go aid the people of Asguaard together with Grom, Glen can use Swords and Knives.

Grom : The most corageous Dwarf of his village, Grom is like Glen's guide through the lands of Asguaard, also a friend. Grom will do everything he can to prevent the worst from striking Asguaard. Grom can equip Axes and Claws.

Rayanne : Fairies made summonings before the appearance of Glenn, but they thought they've failed.

Glenn finds Rayanne

Glen finds Rayanne freezing cold in a frozen cave!

Rayanne was the first human to appear in the world of Asguaard, she appeared in one of the summonings that the fairies thought they failed, but she was found in a cave at Roya Mount, a different place where Glen appeared. She was freezing cold in the cave, Glen and Grom took her to a house nearby. After resting and explainning where she is, she decided to help Glen and Grom in the important mission to prevent the plagues. Rayanne can use Bows and Staves.

Luby : In the beginning a baby unicorn, but it comes an adult unicorn later in the game. Luby was given to the party by Isendur at the Isendra Shrine, this was like a trial to test if the humans are worth having the the Stone of Passion. Luby grows and become a powerful unicorn with devastating spells.


Asguaard received 87% on RPG Fan Neal Chandran said "Asguaard is easily Aldorlea's most ambitious commercial title to date. It maintains that familiar Aldorlea flow that longtime fans will easily fall into, while also introducing some elements that deviate a little from their usual formula."