Herbert Daen West
Royal Paladin


Swords and Spears







Herbert is a Paladin from Adretana, he's specialized in sword-fighting and whie magics, he boasts to be the best and the most famous Paladin in Adretana, along with his friend Joshua Nevein, and also despises his enemies, and even some of his party members. An example of that, is how he and Joshua treats Wendala.


When Random and his friend arrives at Adretana, they are received with cheers by the citizens. These news reaches Herbert and his friend Joshua, that quickly decides to join Random's army in order to gain fame and recognition.

In Laxius Force II - The Queen of Adretana, he dies with his friend Joshua in the assault at Arvendel's dome.

In Laxius Force III - The Last Stand he appears again, even being considered as dead along with Joshua, he comes back and is ready to join Random again.


Herbert can be very useful against ghosts and undead enemies, he has a lot of holy spells. And also, has a decent attack power.

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