Leanda Gorfulthot
Dark Geomancian


Mostly Staves, Sabers and Axes






SankT Leona

Leanda is an old friend of Random, first joined in Laxius Power, in Laxius Force Leanda appears only in the third episode of the series.


Leanda first appears in the Gardens of Balnnunla, recently dumped by her elven demon boyfriend, and asks for Random's help to get her out Indinera.  Later, she is reencountered in Laxius Force III by Alexander Xander in the Marshlands of Xen, having sufferred another discourtesy from her, now, ex-boyfriend. She temporarily joins his party during the first chapter of Laxius Force III and disappears again until she is tricked into permanetly joining Random in Chapter 13.  She can be found in the Rillia War Camp.


Though fragile, Leanda can be a decent melee fighter if properly equipped.  She has simple healing spells and a collection of buffing and debuffing spells that can strike all enemies at once.


  • Leanda is one of the various optional characters in the Laxius Force series.

Spell Progression:

Leanda starts off at level 28.

Level Requirement Spell Learned Power
Starting Spell Heal Pw 115 Healing
Starting Spell Armor Breakdown Infl. Shatter/Defense Down
Starting Spell Sick Imprint Infl. Madness
Starting Spell Power Heal Pw 210 Healing
Starting Spell Kah'hur Omen Infl. Kah'hur Omen (No magic, damage slip)
Starting Spell Samascu Infl. Samus Samascu (45% ST/RS/SP/MN for one round)
Starting Spell Sacbajdila Pw 245 Dark; Good vs. Human; Infl. Venom
36 Kurahan Pw 208 Dark/Legend; Good vs. Orc; Infl. Plague