Louis De Van Gal
Tyrine Crusader









Element Affinity:


Louis is a Tyrine Crusader like Random, but unlike Random, he boasts himself as the best warrior of the world. Always makes the decisions by himself and never follow orders and it seems that he always finds a excuse to justify his failures.


Louis' first appearance was in the town of Tyrine, he was looking for warriors to make an assault at the Brotherhood of Sariis, he leaves the party after the assault but meets up again at the entrance of the Land of 1001 Lakes. Louis is murdered by the Order's snipper along with Marion Vencjak after the failure in the assault of Arvendel Dome.

In Laxius Force III - The Last Stand he joins the order and even fights against Random.


Louis can deal mutiple and powerful damages at the enemies but that will let him fatigued and he will lose HP.


  • Louis' Element Affinity is Ice.

Skill Progression

Initial stats for skills are shown.  As with all skills, the power and effects evolve as the character levels.

Level Requirement Skill Learned Power
Starting Skill Crusader Pride Infl. Heroism | Louis Loses 50HP
Starting Skill Inner Strength Pw 25 | Rem. Fatigue/Shatter/Diminution/Dispersion/Demolition + atta if level high
Starting Skill War Master Combo 2 Hits on Last Target | Louis Loses 25HP
Starting Skill Severance 3 Hits on Last Target | Louis Loses 45HP + Fatigue State
Starting Skill Tactic Assault Louis Attack & Loses 15HP | All the Rest Defend
Starting Skill War Wave Louis loses 125HP, Defend, Target of the Enemies | All Others Attack | Infl. Fatigue All

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