Millennium3crywolf titlescreen

Millennium 3 - Cry Wolf Title Screen

Millennium 3 - Cry Wolf was released by Aldorlea Games in October 2010.

This is the second of an intended 5 episodes in the saga.

3 episodes have been released so far.


Millennium is set in the world of Myst, where a peasant girl called Marine tries to gather 13 warriors in order to participate to a showdown and gain control of the ruling town of Mystrock.

In the third episode, Marine heads East of Mystrock and finds herself having to help two cursed persons: Jack, who is turning into a werewolf, and Salome, who is turning into a Mermaid.

Characters (Protagonists):

Marine : The heroine of the series, Marine is a young yet corageous peasant, always ready to help others especially her family. When her father is injured, Marine decides that Mystrock won't decide the future of her country anymore, to change the course of things she decides to go out on a mad quest in order to find and convice 12 warriors to find alongside her against the town.

Jeanne : Once before a lonely fairy, Jeanne has found her way to Marine's left earring after she fell on her, Jeanne is like Marine's councilor and is also her friend. She helps Marine in battles with her abilities. In this episode, Jeanne remains abscent for almost the entire game.

Benoit : Marine's cousin and a Jun Tsu Ka fighters, an ancient fighting art that allows him make his hands as sharp as swords. He's relucant and sometimes scared of taking decisions. But he always follows Marine whenever she goes and it's always ready to help her. He decides to become one of the 13 warrios in the end of Millennium 2.

Karine : A crocodile hunter from the swamp village of Bogobaka. Karine is the first fighter to join Marine's brigade, she joins after Marine and Benoit help her defeat the Rogue, a enormous croc that has been killing the cintinzens of her small village. Karine joins the game again after finding her in a secret spot in the Forbidden Zone.

Hirado  : A Dust Monk from the monastery that lies in the high peaks of Rock Path, Hirado is a very skilled fighter with a soul of a poet. Hirado leaves the monastery to find out more about the world, after Marine discover that he's an amazing fighter, she goes after him and help him defeat a powerfull Djinn-type demon. After that, Hirado agrees to join Marine and help her fight against Mystrock. Hirado is found in a secret room at the entrails before the Orc Fortress.

Dee : A tiny swamp fairy. Marine and Benoit meets Dee while Marine is looking for her mother in Toad Swamp,

In the beginning she just wanted to help Marine find the Swamp Guardian, but then she decides to join Marine permantently, but not as one of the 13 as she can't register fairies in her goverment list.

Abu : Abu is the Swamp Guardian, he always lived in the swamp and has a connection with Marine's mother. Abu decided to help Marine in her quest after her mother ask him and that he protects Marine from any danger. Abu is the third warrior that Marine finds.

Jezabel : Daring and very corageous, Jezabel is known for taming the most wild animals. Jezabel offers a great reward for the ones who helps her find her griffin. Marine asks to Jezabel joins her and become one of the 13 warriors if she manage to help her bringing her griffin back.

Gravitron : Gravitron is a robot found by the scientist called Norman in one of the Ancient Temples, Gravitron is a very useful fighter and can deliver enormous damage to his enemies.

Piu-Piu : A strange yellow blob, not much is known about him. He's Norman assistant and the only thing that he can do is follow Marine whenever she goes.

Merline : Merline is Marine's young sister, playful and fast girl, she decides to join her sister in the end of Millennium 2 and it's playable in Millennium 3, she want to help Marine find the warriors.

Jack : First seen in Millennium - A New Hope, Jack is a womanizer and always want to impress the ladies, specially Marine, Jack is first seen in Millennium 3 in Eldoran Cliffs with his friend James. Jack is cursed and soon will become a werewolf. Marine decides to help Jack find a cure to his curse and after that he becomes one of the 13 warriors.

James : Like Jack, James is a womanizer but he's too lazy to date with a real girl because he's too busy sleeping and sometimes make jokes when he should stay serious. James is Jack's friend and also one of the 13 warriors that Marine has to find.

Salome : Salome is a woman that lives in the poor village of Lorelei, and like Jack, she's also cursed. But her curse will soon transform her into a mermaid. She saw that Marine was going to help Jack to revert his curse and asks for help too in order to free her from her curse. Marine decides to help her too and in the end of the game, Salome also becomes one of the 13.

Characters (Antagonists):

Lord Dragon : The ruler of Mystrock, Lord Dragon is the ruler of the entire country of Myst. He has a tatoo of a dragon in his face and it's a master in Martial Arts.

Lord Borgon : Lord Dragon's councilor, Borgon will do everything to increase the country's richness no matter what. Even if that means getting Marine and her friends out of the way. He thinks that the idea of Marine forming a goverment list is a total disrespect to Lord Dragon and to the town.

Lord Merryll : A strong, ugly and despicable man. Merryll is one of Lord Dragon warriors, he manage to find fun by bullying Marine and her friends.

Lord Kusinov : A sofisticated man and also one of Lord Dragon warriors, not as wild as Merryll, he agrees with Borgon that Marine is disrespecting the goverment of Mystrock by creating a goverment list and summoning the Martial Law.