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Nash is a male Drukku Druk who bears a striking resemblance to a dragon - which he hates.


Nash was first encountered in Laxius Power I by Random and Sarah while rescuing the Guardians in the Order's Evil Tower near SankT Leona.  He is freed from his cage and later joins the party to repay his debt.  In Laxius Force II he is glimpsed twice while Random and Sarah explore the gardens of Balnuunla.  In Laxius Force III Random accepts a quest to kill a dragon near one of his war counters.  Sarah recognizes Nash and instead of fighting, deftly plays up his arrogance and convinces him to join.  He is now partnered with a Wizard Drake, Neon, who aids him in arcane matters. Nash is also seen  in 3 stars of destiny in Xen marshlands, but is just an easter egg.


While Nash has very few pieces of equipment to customize his loadout, the equipment he has available is extremely good.  He is a strong physical fighter and coupled with Neon's abilities is also a devastating spell caster.  He learns a generous assortment of Healing, Boosting, and Elemental Damage spells.


Spell Progression:

Nash starts off at level 40.

Level Requirement Spell Learned Power
Starting Spell Fire Ball (Nash) Pw 625 Fire/Weapon; Infl. Shatter/Burn
Starting Spell Drukeel (Neon) Pw 195 (Nash); Rem. Fatigue; Infl. Brilliant Mind
Starting Spell Thunder Sky (Neon) Pw 705 Thunder; Infl. Thunder Numb
Starting Spell Chaos of Nature (Neon) Pw 299 All 6 Elements
Starting Spell Heal (Neon) Pw 100 Heal
Starting Spell Drukuel (Neon) Pw 499 (Nash); Rem. Fatigue/Plague; Infl. Genius Mind
44 Aura (Neon) Pw 110 Heal
48 Jouvence (Nash) Infl. Weapon Boost/Armor Boost/Haste/Brilliant Mind/Steel Skin/Steel Muscles/Giant Body
59 Crazy Havoc (Neon) Pw 399 Holy/Dark/Legend/Earth; Infl. Defense Down