Random Pendragon
Tyrine Crusader








Mt. Zulle

Element Affinity:


Random Pendragon is the main Hero of the Laxius Force trilogy.

He is skilled with the sword and also masters a couple of useful spells. He's been in love with his fiancee Sarah Brandolino, the Elf from his hometown Mt. Zuule, since Laxius Power. He appears as a playable character in the Laxius Power trilogy as well as in 3 Stars of Destiny.


In Laxius Force - Heroes Never Die, Random and his fiancee Sarah Brandolino travel from their remote house near the Metrolia Ruins to the town of Adretana in answer to a call for aid against monsters of the Order attacking from Arvendel Dome. He meets several old friends on his way, such as Wendala Diroslav or Sandy Richardson.

In Laxius Force II - The Queen of Adretana, Random and his friends join up with old friend Luciana Vincenti and bring the fight to the Order as they launch an attack against the Arvendel Dome.

In Laxius Force III - The Last Stand, the fight versus the Grand Commendanter reaches it's pinnacle. Random must face many direct threats including a deadly alien/virus and an assassin robot. His anger over the brutality of the Order fuses with a set of sacred golden armor evolving him into a Universal Fighter, readying him to track the Grand Commendanter to his Lair, and put an end to the Order.


Random is the most deadly fighter the Laxius Force has. He can equip most swords, many spears and a wider variety of other weapons allowing him to adapt to the party's immediate needs. While his magicka points are limited, he has extremely powerful abilities like Hero, the Metallist Curse and the evolving multi-strike Fury.


  • Random's element affinity begins as Thunder.
  • As a Universal Fighter his element affinity changes to Laxius.

Skill Progression:

Initial stats for skills are shown.  As with all skills, the power and effects evolve as the character levels.

Level Requirement Skill Learned Power
Starting Skill Heal Pw 40 Healing | Var10%
Learned upon leaving Valuaas X-Blade Pw 27 Weapon | Good Vs Human | AT50%, ST75%, SP25%, PD75%, Var10%
10 Gates of Thunder Pw 44 Thunder | Good Vs Fish | ST30%, MD80%, MD75%, Var15%
14 Hero Infl. Legend Slayer
15 Metallist Curse Infl. Metallist Curse (Useful Vs Resistant Monsters)
17 Thunder Implosion Pw 89 Thunder | Good Vs Ghost | Infl. Thunder Numb | RS30%, MN70%, MD75%, Var15%
18 Silver Sword Pw 69 Holy/Weapon | Good Vs Human/Undead | Infl. Silence | AT50%, ST90%, SP10%, PD70%, MD5%, Var10%
22 Magnet Body 1 Hit + PD125%, MD135% | Last 2 Rounds
28 Whirling Blades Pw 101 Weapon | Good Vs Bird | AT25%, ST50%, SP50%, PD75%, Var26%
35 Echo Sword Pw 220 + 1 Hit | AT50%, ST100%, PD75%, VR15%
43 God's Blade Pw 1 Holy/Legend/Weapon | AT125%, ST100%, PD50%, Var24%
45 Fury 3 Hits | Improves with Experience
Learn from Kandhara in Tyrine Spartian Move Hit One Enemy then Defend | Infl. Bleeding | At10%, ST100%, PD25%, Var8%
Learn from Stanislas in Tyrine Tyrine Breaker Pw 145 Laser/Phys. At. | Infl. Shatter | AT50%, ST100%, PD75%, Var10%