Seiman Daho
Seiman Daho
Shadow Blade


Swords and Axes






GandJe Proud

Seiman is a Shadow Blade who hails from GandJe Proud.   He is a long time companion of the Arch Mage Alexander Xander and journeys with him and Adon as they attack the Order's Fifth Temple.


Seiman joins the Laxius Force when he arrives at Adretana and meets Random in the third chapter of Laxius Force III with his companions Xander and Adon.  He has the ability to disarm trapped chests which allows Random and party to access treasures that are otherwise unavailible.


Seiman is a fast and strong warrior with a number of valuable healing abilities.  He deals excellent damage with the right weapons and can debuff enemies or buff the party for difficult fights.

Ability Progression

Seiman starts off at level 31.

Level Requirement Ability Learned Power
Starting Ability Assassin Move 165 Weapon
Starting Ability Sword of Nojan 82 Weapon/Water
Starting Ability Defense Up All Infl. Armor H-Boost/Obsidion Skin
Starting Ability Cure Poison Rem. Poison
Starting Ability Cure Pox Rem. Pox
Starting Ability Energy Up Infl. Weapon Boost/Steel Muscles/Lightning Speed
Starting Ability Cure Venom Rem. Venom
Starting Ability Corrosion 148 Water/Dark
Starting Ability Cure Paralysis Rem. Paralysis
Starting Ability Spell Lock Enemy: 0%MP
45 Death Lock Enemy: 0%HP
53 Weapon Crush Enemy: AT50%