Wendala Diroslav


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Wendala is a character from the Laxius Force series. Like Random Pendragon, Sarah Brandolino or Luciana Vincenti, she is also one of the main characters in the former Laxius Power trilogy.


Wendala shows up in the first episode of Laxius Force and then is a permanent character of the force.  Despite being an extremely attractive woman, Wendala is an undead.  This quality allows her and her friends into the Undead Guild and aids Random in some conversations with other undead.  Originally, she was rescued by Random in Laxius Power I at the request of her boyfriend Charlie the Slime.  Instead of paying for the rescue he gives Wendala's service to Random as a slave. 

Wendala has several evolutions throughout the series, most of them occuring in Laxius Force III - The Last Stand.  Her personal journey from Life => Death => Resurrection => Slave => Defiant => Astral Dancer is one of the most interesting in the series.


As a fighter, she has the same kind of versatility that Sarah has. She is able to cast strong healing spells such as Omega Tsunami, and strong damaging spells like Carnage. As she advances in the story she gains powerful equipment and abilities allowing her to attack twice or cast Laxius Spells. She is extremely fast, gaining speed with each quest completed early in Laxius Force III. Later she can gain mind points as an Astral Dancer.


  • Wedala joins the party at Level 15.
  • Wendala and Sarah often quarrel in the series, especially when Wendala is trying to catch Random's attention.

Skill Progression

Initial stats for skills are shown.  As with all skills, the power and effects evolve as the character levels.

Level Requirement Skill Learned Power
Starting Skill Sariis Touch Pw 115 Dark Healing | Rem. Poison/Pox/Plague/Venom
Starting Skill Death Infl. Exhaustion
17 Delta Night Pw 95 Fire/Dark | Good Vs Human/Bird/Wolf | ST30%, MD70%, MD75%, Var12%
19 Lucien Konikcut Infl. Haste/Weapon Boost | Rem. Fatigue
21 Shocker Pw 186 Dark | Infl. Exhaustion
22 Instant Break Infl. Instant Break
23 Healing Tsunami Pw 125 Healing
26 Undead Curse Infl. Exhaustion/Poison/Pox/Venom/Fatigue/Bleeding
32 Iron X-Slash Pw 237 Laser
36 Alpha Night Pw 255 Fire/Dark/Laser
42 Omega Tsunami Pw 205 Healing | Rem. Exhaustion
52 Carnage Pw 294 ???
55 Striker Make Someone Attack x2
62 Rise, Mortals Rem. Exhaustion | Infl. Weapon Boost/Armor Boost/Haste
Learned in Pelleas's Trial War Zone Target One + 3 Random Attacks from Party Members | Infl. Paralysis