Goddess Yveen
Goddess of Life









Yveen is the famous Goddess of Life, she watches over the deport and iis the most important member of the Council of the Gods. Since Laxius Power, Yveen had a strange interest in his quest and that's the reason why she helps Random most than any other mortal in the Deport.


In Laxius Force, Yveen appears to aid the characters if they are worth of a reward. An example is when the party helps the paladin in the Brotherhood of Sariis without asking for a reward, she appears to praise how good is Random's attitudes and give him rewards.

She joins the party temporaly in the end of Laxius Force - Heroes Never Die, she asks Random for help to defeat the virus inside the Station of Glandenmore.

In Laxius Force II - The Queen of Adretana she also joins temporaly to help the characters in the Gardens of Balnnunla in order to reach the Magnificent Temple of Indinera.

In Laxius Force III - The Last Stand she also joins temporaly and stay for longer than the other games.


Yveen is a powerful fighter, both physical and magical she can deal enormous magical damage with her Armageddon spell and she can attacks the enemy twice.


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